Lowest Price Guarantee

We’ll match ANY Full CCTV Installation Quotation and give you additional 5% discount !
If we are not able to match the price, you get a FREE CCTV Camera worth $138 !


Just fax (67478347)/email (bestquote@lakson.com.sg) a copy of the official quote given to you, we’ll match it with an additional 5% off.

Official Quotation must contain the following

  • Company’s Name and GST registration no. if any.
  • Brand & Model/Type of Cameras with country of origin.
  • Brand & Model/Type of Recorder with country of origin.
  • Harddisk Size
  • Installation Type and Services
  • Network Setup and Services
  • Warranty Type & Period (Onsite/Repair/1 to 1 Replacement)
  • Installation Address

We’ll match the specs of the equipment, installation type and services, warranty type and services, and most importantly the PRICE with additional 5% discount.
We’ll even absorb the GST if the Company which quoted you is not GST Registered.
Do take note of the registered/contact business address as well. There are a numbers of vendors without proper office setup to ensure you can locate them for after sales services/support in future.
These vendors normally operate out of residential address/service offices address (use for mailing, no physical office).
In the unlikely event that we are unable to go ahead and better your Quotation by 5%, the Free Camera worth $138 will be deliver to you within 1 week of emailing/faxing us a copy of the Official Invoice from the installation.
The copy of the Official Invoice has to be submitted within 4 weeks of the Quotation date.