Can I order this package through your normal sales channel ?

No. This package is only available through online order. Our sales personal will not be able to assist you with this package or ordering this package through our normal sales channels.

Can I make payment after installation ?

No. Upfront payment will be collected prior to scheduling the installation. We will be enhancing our shopfront to allow for deposit to be collected prior to installation and balance to be collected after installation. However, there is no timeline on when the feature will be available. At the moment, our online store can only process full payment.

Is there any warranty for this package ?

Yes. There will be 1 year onsite warranty for this package. The onsite warranty and support will be provided by 3rd Party.

What happens if my installation site is larger than the size specified ?

The Budget Package will not be suitable if that’s the case. Do refer to our other packages.

How come there’s no GST levied for these packages ?

The invoices will not be from Lakson Technology Pte Ltd. It’ll be from company that’s not GST registered.

Why is the software/apps use for the budget system differ from time to time ?

In order to obtain best price for customers who are budget conscious, the equipment are sourced from different manufacturer and vendors and prioritised according to their price. This mean that different brand of equipment may be used for different orders. The software/app used by different brand is difference, therefore you may require to use different software to view your different system installed at different place.
If you have lots of outlets and wish to manage them effectively, you may wish to consider our normal packages which we placed priority on integration, management and features.

Budget Packages

Note: Equipment used in this package is different from other packages and may also differ from order to order.