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Proactive Warranty

First in the industry. Our full installation package's onsite warranty will be proactive. We'll know when your system is down and take remedial action without being notify by you. If your CCTV System is important, you can't do without this.

Experts in Our Field

With over 20 years of experiences in CCTV, Data Analytic, Hardware and Software integration, we are able to provide turn key solution that no one else can at affordable pricing.

Big Data

Data that you need to make smart business decission. We have solutions that cater for affordable data anlytics. People Counting, Wifi Analytics, Face Detection, Queue Analytics and many other metrics available.


ByLakson Feb 23, 2017

Support Email Issues (23 Feb 2017)

We are experiencing some email issues from our email outgoing server (  from 2017 Feb 22 around 11.30am. Support emails that o

ByLakson Feb 22, 2017

HiDDNS Not Working (RESOLVED) – 22 Feb

HiDDNS/Hikvision DDNS/ Problem Currently at 22 Feb 2017 3.20pm , The system is currently back online. We'll co

ByLakson Dec 3, 2016

Singtel Fibre Broadband Down (6 Dec 2016)

If you are having problem accessing your CCTV System remotely and you are using Singtel Fibre Broadband, do note that Singtel Fibre Broadband is

ByLakson Aug 26, 2016

HIKVISION Firmware Alert (V3.1.7 build 150515)

BRAND : HIKVISION MODEL : DS-7204HGHI-E1 FIRMWARE : V3.1.7 build 150515 ENCODING : V5.0 build 150430 HARDWARE : 0x3ee00 We had noticed a