CMS Subsidies Promotion

Did you ever encounter a situation where you need a recording from your CCTV system only to discover that it had not been working for months ?

CMS (Auto Healthcheck System) is a system that we had developed to check your CCTV equipment daily to ensure that they are working properly.

Multiple times a day, our server will automatically conduct a check on your system, goes through a comprehensive checklist and compile a report so that you at a glance, can know what is wrong with your system.

Best of all, we are now offering a FREE 1 YEAR Compulsory Subscription with any purchase of selected DVR bundle through our online store. As we are encouraging users to take up this subscription as a productive methods to manage their systems deployed, we will be subsidising the installation/replacing cost of customers’ old equipment with support from our investors.

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CMS (Auto Healthcheck Systems) Feature


  • Automated Multiple Daily Checks
  • Consolidated Dashboard/Map View
  • Quickly Identify Faulty CCTV Systems
  • Spots Unusual Trend
  • Enable Fast Remedial Action
  • Enable Proactive Warranty
  • Reduce Manpower, Increase Productivity
  • Focus on Core Business

Current CCTV Limitation


  • Reactive Warranty – No action until customer report equipment fault
  • No Open Platform to monitor equipment status from various brand
  • No Cloud Monitoring of Equipment Status
  • No Automated Daily Healthcheck with reporting Functions
  • Difficult and Tedious to monitor Multiple Systems
  • Key status buried inside DVR system log. Hard to retrieved
  • Security Issues when requesting Support from Vendor

Advantage of CMS – Auto Healthcheck System


  • Proactive Warranty – Problematic Equipment are highlighted
    (Auto Alert and resolution tracking to Vendor and User will be included in future)
  • Support Multiple Brands. More can be added to the open platform.
  • Cloud Portal. Not limited to only 1 PC but any devices that’s connected to the internet.
  • One glance Dashboard to monitor Multiple Systems.
  • Historical Equipment Healthcheck Status
  • Easy revoking of Vendor Technician access.
  • Big Data Analytic Features from your existing equipment



Map view allows user to see at a glance where all the sites are located and their status.

Drilling and Zooming in vie the outlet pins to the individual status are available.


Status View Dashboard can be used to quickly identify systems which are working properly and systems that have highlighted issues.

Status View can be filtered to only show systems with Error or Recording issues.

Information such as Last Online Date/Time, Date/Time accuracy, Harddisk Status, Cameras Status, Last Power On/Reboot Status, Recording Period/Status can be seen at a glance to identify system with problem for action to be taken.


Do note that in order to enjoy promotional subsidised prices from our online store, it is compulsory that customers sign up for the CMS (Auto Healthcheck System) within 3 weeks of delivery/installation of the system. Otherwise, we reserved all the rights to impose the differences of the subsidies price and the normal price and refused all warranty/services to the customer until full restitution of the outstanding amount had been made.