Equipment Subsidies

Although our CMS Portal supports most of the equipment we sold the last 8 years, some of the older equipment are unable to provide certain status information to our CMS Portal.

As part of our ongoing effort to encourage customers to fully utilise our CMS portal to monitor their CCTV Equipment Operational Status, Lakson will subsidised equipment purchased directly from us through our online store.

Conditional discount of more than 50% in some cases will be given to equipment purchased directly online for customer to upgrade their own equipment.

To enjoy these discount, customers are required to add their system our FREE backend monitoring system for 1 year from the purchased date. FREE Subscription of 1 Year will be given to all customers who purchased/installed equipment from Lakson.

At the end of the FREE subscription period, customers are free to discontinue the monitoring services without any penalty or termination charges imposed. The equipment functioning will not be affected by the termination of the monitoring services.

Services are also available if customer require us to do the upgrading for them.

The new equipment are High Definition and is able to provide up to 13 times the resolution of the previous system.