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Why uses Support Ticketing
Last Updated 5 years ago

Customers are strongly encourage to use our Support Ticketing system to report all issues.

Calling us, emailing or text us directing is not the best way to get support.
In fact, most of the time queries or issues that get reported through other means than our support ticketing systems get missed and not responded.

As we have thousands of systems deployed, it's not possible for us to have all details of each and every system on hand when customers contacted us for support issues.
We need to refer to our records to check for the equipment used, initial configuration, warranty status and other information in order to assist customers.

This may not be available on the spot as the person you contacted may be engaged with other appointments and not available immediately to check and response to you.
Other later incoming email and text may "pushes" your email and text down and to the next page and get missed.

As this report doesn't get captured by our support ticketing system, other technicians who are available will not be able to assist you in a more timely measure. The ticket will also not be able to be monitored for timely response.

This is how our support dashboard backend looks like. All Open Tickets (Yet to be responsed) will stay open until it is resolved and tracked till resolution.

That's why we channel all support queries through our Support Ticketing System.
For for queries to be answered in timely, do make use of our Support Ticketing System.

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