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Teamviewer Remove Black/White List and Use Password
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you have set your Teamviewer to only allow access for certain IDs, you'll need to change it to allow for Random Password login for us to be able to support you.

1. Go to Teamviewer Options.


2. Click on Extras->Options

3. Select Security

4. Enable Random Password and Set Password Strength to Secure (6 Characters).

5. Click on Configure beside Black and whitelist.


6. Select "Deny access for the following IDs and partners". This will set it to a Blacklist mode where only IDs you defined are NOT allow access. Otherwise it'll be in a Whitelist mode where only predefined ID can access.

Click ok and save.

If your other vendor required the whitelist mode to operate, change it back after our supports.

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