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Business Internet Susbcription
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Most ISP are shifting away from the slower ADSL internet subscription towards Fibre Broadband.
The monthly subscription for ADSL and Fibre Broadband is also very similar.
It's recommended that you take up Fibre Broadband instead of ADSL as the speed differences you are able to use for CCTV Video streaming can be up to 400 Times depending on the play you are subscribing to.
For example, here are the following plan comparison by Singnet.


The CCTV System is using the UpLink Bandwidth to send video from your store/office vie the internet to wherever you are for you to view the footage.
The Uplink bandwidth will limit on how fast the video can be stream from your store/office.
ADSL uplink speed max out at about 768kbps, whereas for 100Mbps plan, the uplink max out at 100Mbps, which is about 130 times faster. (There are 200Mbps/1Gbps plans as well).
This is the current Singnet Fibre Broadband price. They may revised it any time.
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Singnet Business ADSL plan is also around $99/Month, which give you 10Mbps/768kbps speed. Their eVolve Fibre broadband plan is also at $99/Month, which give you 10Mbps/10Mbps speed.
(Currently Singnet is no longer promoting ADSL plan, you can't really find the plans on their website. You'll most likely have to call in and ask.)
This mean that you are getting around 13 times the upload speed for the same price. Fibre connection is also a lot more stable than ADSL internet connection.
Do note that we have no affiliation with Singnet. The above are just used as an example. You can find similar plan from Starhub, M1, MyRepublic, Viewquest.
So far, we have no issues with Singnet, Starhub and M1. This doesn't mean that they might not change their network routing/policies that might block the hosting of servers (including CCTV server) from your internet connection in the future.
For MyRepublic/Viewquest, you might need to activate certain other features with their internet subscription for CCTV usage as their normal internet plan had block server usage by customer previously.
We DO NOT recommend the use of 3G/4G Internet Connection to be used as a internet connection for CCTV. Some 3G/4G plans (especially those that comes FREE with your other mobile plans/internet connection) explicitly are designed to block the hosting of servers. e.g. Some of the Starhub 3G/4G plans block (APN configured as shwap. Have to be shinternet to be able to use to host).
Do note that for stable hosting, a Static IP plan is recommended as they are designed to host servers. However, Static IP plans normally cost at least twice the price of Dynamic IP Plans. We make use of DDNS (Dynamic DNS) services as a workaround to overcome the limitation. However, do take note that there might be a small window of the CCTV being unable to be connected from internet whenever the IP Changes and the DDNS services is updating the latest IP with the servers and any cache in your route.
Do also note that most ISP charges a termination fee at the end of the contract for Fibre Broadband as well irregardless of contract obligation completion. You'll have to check with the respective ISP for their termination charges/

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