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How much 4G data will be required ?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The system itself doesn't required internet to record.
Internet Data is only use when remote viewing is done on mobile/pc. Otherwise, the data use is minimum.

There's 2 video streams that can be choose when viewing remotely.
1 uses less data (lower quality) and 1 use more data (high quality).
It doesn't affect the recording quality as recording is done using the high quality video stream.

For constant remote viewing of 1 Camera over the internet, the data usage per day would be the following.

1. Lower Quality - est 9GB/Day (756kbps bitrate)
2. Higher Quality - Est 23GB/Day (2048kbps bitrate)

Note that it's per day.

Data required depends on the expected viewing habits of people with access to the system.

What we noticed from other customers are that the data tends to taper down to around 2 - 5GB per month after the initial installation when the viewing habit stabilized.

However, if a computer in the office is configured for constant streaming to a monitor for office viewing, it'll be around 9 to 23GB per day depending on type of quality of streaming that is selected.


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