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AVTECH DVR Battery Replacement
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There's a non rechargeable lithium battery (CR2032) installed in the DVR (similar to your computer motherboard) to keep the DVR time running even when the power is unplug.

Over years, the battery charge may depleted and replacement is required.

If you notice that the date/time of the DVR get reset to a much earlier date, try the following.
1. Change the Date/Time to the current date.
2. Power off the DVR.
3. Turn back on the DVR.

If the DVR Date/Time get reset back to the earlier date, most likely it's due the battery
You'll need to get it replace immediately.
Wrong Date/Time will cause the CCTV Footage to be recorded and index on the wrong date/time and makes it difficult/impossible to retrieve.

You can refer to your manual on how to replace the battery.
Here's also the instruction as per the AVTECH Manual.

How to replace CR2032
Note: The lithium battery, CR2032, is a non-chargeable battery, and should be purchased separately. Please replace only with the same or equivalent type battery in case of danger.

Step1: Stop all DVR recording immediately to prevent the disorder of the recorded data. Then, back up the recorded data if necessary.

Step2: Power off the DVR, and disconnect the DVR power.

Step3: Remove the DVR cover, and find the battery on the mainboard.

Step4: Push the release as indicated below to remove the battery.


Step5: Get a new battery with the side of "CR2032" facing up, and install it to the mainboard.

Step6: Replace the DVR cover and connect to power.

Step7: Set DVR date & time, and resume recording. For details, please refer to "2.4 Date and Time Setting" at page7, and "5.5.7 RECORD" at page 26 (in your DVR manual)

Very early models prior to around 2012 have a rechargeable battery soldered onto the motherboard which is not replaceable.

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