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Dahua Software Installation Links
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There are quite a number of ways you can access your Dahua's system. You can either login through Web Browser at
Website : http://
Username :
Password :
Web Browser method only works if you have configured your router. If you are using P2P, you'll need to use the Software/App to access.

PC (Internet Explorer) The first time you access through the webbrowser, it'll prompt you to install an web component. Please install. You'll be able to access it thereafter. You may need administrator rights to install the web component.

Or you can use the software client available for multiple platforms.
Use This Version
PC (Full, English) :
(From Manufacturer :


iPhone :
iPad :
Android Devices (gDMSS Lite) :
Android Phone (gDMSS Plus):  (Might not be available depending on Playstore Region)
Android Tablet (gDMSS Plus HD) : (Might not be available depending on Playstore Region)

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