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LAN to 4G Router Wired Connection
Last Updated 4 years ago

Ensure that the network cable from the DVR to the 4G Router is not accidentally unplugged when you replaced the SIM Card.

The network cable should be securely plugged into the LAN port of the 4G Router, and the LAN indication light should be on at the 4G Router display panel.

If the light is not on, do the following
1. Ensure that the DVR (or any device the network cable is connected to at the other end) is turned on and powered on. There should be indication light.
2. Unplug and replug in the network cable (red cable in this case) and make sure you hear a small click when it's inserted in for secure connection
3. Ensure that the other end of the network cable is also securely plugged in.
4. If it's securely plugged in and the DVR (or any devices on the other end is turned on) but there's no indication light, get a replacement network cable and try again. The network cable might be damaged.

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