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Teamviewer Compatible Version
Last Updated 5 months ago

Due to Teamviewer Licensing, we are only able to support customer running on Teamviewer Version 9.

Here's how to check your version.

Click on Help->About.
The messagebox should shows Version: 9.X.XXXXX


If it's not version 9, you'll need to exit Teamviewer and run Version 9 Quicksupport version from here. (

Here's how to exit Teamviewer

Click on Connection->Exit TeamViewer


Once you exit from your incompatible version of Teamviewer, download the compatible version from

Run it. There's no installation required. 

You'll see this screen. Send us the ID and Password and leave the Teamviewer Running so that we can connect to your computer.


Do not close it. The password will change everytime you run it. If you had close it and reopen it, the password will change. Send us the updated password if you had done so.

After the teamviewer session is completed, you can then close this and rerun the original version on your computer.

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