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Signtel Prepaid Top Up Card
Last Updated 3 years ago

Note that use of prepaid card is not recommended as all prepaid Sim card doesn't allow for direct IP Connection. The only way is to use the manufacturer's cloud platform for remote viewing if you do not have a direct IP connection.

If you are not able to view using prepaid card, do ensure that

1. It is sufficiently top up with mobile data for remote viewing. Ensure that the stored value can be use for mobile data as some stored value may only be reserved for calls/sms.

2. The card has not expired. Prepaid sim card required regular top up to maintain validity, even if it still have stored value in the card.

Do take note that for Singtel Hi Card (Prepaid), there's a lot of top up cards varieties.

Do select the right one which will give you the most data. You'll need to check with Singtel for the correct card to use.

If you get the wrong top up card without sufficient included data, the standard data charges rates for data is at $0.054 per 10KB.


This means that each MB of data will cost you $5.40 at standard data charges if you did not top up with the correct top up card.
1 Min of viewing will use around estimated 4MB ($21.60) to 12MB ($64.80) at standard data charges.

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