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Troubleshooting Router Online, Cameras Offline
Last Updated a year ago

If the router is confirmed to be turned on and working, but you are unable to see the CCTV system online, here's how to check that the Server (DVR/NVR) is turned on and connected.

Sometimes the power cable/switch or network cable may be accidentally unplugged.

Accidental unplugged Cables/switching off of equipment is not covered under warranty and you may want to double check before arranging for onsite services.

1. Check that the DVR is powered on. There's a small switch at the right bottom corner of the DVR. Ensure that it is had not been accidentally switched off. It should look the photo when it's turned on. The side with the white dot should be pressed down.

The LED Light display on the front panel of the DVR should have indication light.


2. Ensure that the network cables at the DVR and 4G Router is securely plug in and not accidentally disconnected.


3. Ensure that the power cable to the DVR had not been accidentally disconnected. 


If you are unsure, take photos of the system similar to the above sample photos and send it to us.

We'll check and help you spot if any cables are disconnected or the power switch accidentally turned off.

Note that unplug cabling and power switched off are not covered under warranty. If these are the issues identified during onsite services, onsite services charges will apply even if the system is under warranty.

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