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Change of Ownership
Last Updated 3 years ago

We do not host any user login account on our end.

You can pass your login details to the new owner and it'll work for them as well.

If you need us to retrieve the initial service report for the initial configuration, there'll be an administrative charges of $20 ($21.40 w/gst). For customers not under maintenance contracts, we do not have these details in easily searchable form. Searching for the record may takes 3 to 5 days.

Do also fill up this form with the details of the existing and new contact person (new owner) and send it from the existing email address that's used for previous correspondent.
We are unable to ascertain the authorized personal for the CCTV system and had experience with unauthorized personals such as ex-staffs contacting us to gain access to the system.
This will allow us to ascertain the new owner in order to support him in the future.

Do however note that there are settings in the internet router that allows for access to the system. If the equipment are changed, e.g. change of telco with change of equipment, you'll need to get the technician who do the replacement to do the necessary configuration.

If you need us to configure, you can place an order here.

Teamviewer remotely. 

You'll need to be able to download and run Teamviewer on a computer connected to the same internet router as your CCTV System. The network cable from the existing CCTV system must also be connected to the new internet router.

Onsite Services

We'll schedule for services when we receive your order.

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