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Generate QR Code for Export/Import from iVMS-4500 Mobile App
Last Updated a year ago

Here's how to generate QRCode to export/import the settings to another mobile devices from IVMS-4500 mobile app.

1. Go to Device
2. Click on + and select Generate QR Code

3. Select the devices that you want to generate the QRCode for to export/import. You can select up to 30 devices per QRCode.
4. Save the QRCode to your photo album. You can scan this QRCode to add in the system.
If you select skip encryption, no password will be required to import the devices tagged to this QRCode. Anyone who scan this qrcodes will be able to add and access your systems.
5. If you change any of the settings, e.g. username, password, hostnames, etc, you'll need to regenerate the QRCode again as the details in the previous QRCode will not be valid.

Here's a video on how to do it.

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