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Troubleshooting Camera VLOSS Issues
Last Updated a year ago

Symptoms : No Display on Screen/Devices for that Camera. Some systems will indicate it with a "VLOSS" or "NO VIDEO" message.

Possible Issues/Solution :
  • Camera Power Cable Disconnected.
    Make sure the camera power cables are connected.
  • Camera Power's Fuse Blown.
    There's fuse inbuilt into the system to protect the system power supply.
    The camera power cabling are protected with such fuse.
    If the camera cables had been cut, wrongly disconnected, or installed wrongly, connecting/reconnecting the camera without switching off the power supply, it'll lead to the fuse blown. Check on the fuse and replace them if they are blown.

    Here's how a blown fuse will look like.

  • Wrong Cabling Connection
    If the system had been relocated and the camera's wiring had been disconnected and reconnected again, there's also a possibility that the camera wire connection had been connected wrongly (+/- connect wrongly). This may lead to the Video Balun (Video Transceiver) or camera being damage.
    If the Video Balun is damage, it can be seen clearly.
    If that's the case, we'll need to to replace the damaged Video Balun.
  • Upside Down Camera Installation
    The camera mounting box has the wiring emerging from below it so that it is weatherproof and water cannot get into the box.
    If the system had been relocated and the camera box installed upside down, the cabling holes will be at the top which means rainwater will be able to get into the mounting box damaging the connectors and accessories in the camera junction box, and also causing short circuit to the fuse box which will blow to protect the rest of the equipment in the system.


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