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Relocation of Camera System
Last Updated 2 years ago

Switch off the Power to the system before shifting it.

1. If the system is going be moved in a upright position for a short distance, you can leave the battery within the system.

2. If the system is going to move in a non upright position or over long distance, you'll need to remove the battery from the system before relocating. This is to avoid the battery from tumbling around in the enclosure damaging other components or dislodging cabling. 
Do take note of the sequence of the reconnection in order for proper auto setup of the solar controller.

a. Disconnect the battery connector and remove the battery from the enclosure to transport it separately.
b. At the after securely the system at the new site. DO NOT immediately reconnect the Battery.

c. Disconnect this solar panel cable from the system. Be careful not to let the bare wire touch any metal part.
d. Reconnect the battery connector into the system. The battery need to be connect to the system first before the solar panel in order for the system to recognize the the battery is 12V so that the system can be auto configure properly.
The batter CANNOT be totally flat after relocation, otherwise the solar controller will not be able to recognize the functioning battery voltage in order for the auto configuration to work.
e. Reconnect this solar panel cable back after the battery is connected.

3.  Turn on the power switch and the system should resume operation.

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