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AVTECH Software Installation Link
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Here're the links to the software and guides for AVTECH CCTV System
For iPhone/Android Settings
1. Go to Apple App Store / Android Playstore, search for "AVTech" and download "Eagleeyes"


You can download it from here.
iPhone :
iPad :
Android Phone :
2. Run Eagleeyes and Set it up according to this guide.
This is a screenshot of what to enter in. Please refer to the info given to you for the exact settings.
You'll require,


2. From Internet Explorer or other browser.
Visit the URL listed in the List.
Do type in the whole URL, from "http://" till the ":8X" (port numbers).
e.g. http://mac000e53??????
Login using the Username and Password given.
You may require to click Yes/OK for additional permission to run/install ActiveX / Java / Quicktime depending on which browser you are using.
3. Using the software
Download and Install the Video Viewer Software from here.
PC Version
Manual -
Player to playback backup/recorded footage -
iMac Version
Manual -
Player to playback backup/recorded footage -
Follow these steps to add in the DVR to Videoviewer.
You can find some common step by step guides to the more common function here.

The latest version of the software and guides can be downloaded here.

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