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Do I need a permit to install CCTV Camera outside my HDB Flat ?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Town Council is in charge of the corridor. By right, if you intend to install cameras outside the HDB flat, you'll need to seek Town Council approval.
Town Council will only grant Temporary Approval if there is a Police Report accompanying the request. So far, we had not encounter any customers that manage to get a permanent permit from the Town Council.
We have quite a fair number of customers who installed CCTV Cameras outside their flat to monitor activities without getting approval from Town Council.
Normally, Town Council will not approve of such installation as it is install in the public area. But Town Council will normally not take any action unless your cameras are causing discomfort to your neighbours and someone complains. Police also advise people with vandalised property to install cameras outside their home to catch the culprit as well.
So far, none of the customers had feedback that they had been contacted by Town Council/HDB to remove the camera.
You will have to decide if you want to attempt to apply for permit to install, or go ahead and install without getting the permit.
We'll not be able to make that decision for you.
More information
Rightfully, all objects installed/place outside along the corridor needs Town Council approval. These include altar, fixed structure to put potted plants or to hang laundry.
Apart from HDB/Town Council ruling, all object placed along corridors should ahere to SCDF ruling to have a minimum 1.2m acess throughout the whole corridor.
However, most people doesn't get any approval from Town Council to install alter, etc.

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