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Dismantling of and relocation of CCTV Equipment
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CCTV Equipment can be reused when moving to another location.

Customer can either engage us to dismantle the equipment for them, or choose to dismantle the equipment themselves and bring them to the new location for us to recable and install them.

We will not be able to reuse the cabling as the cabling are cut to length for the site. Also, cables might become brittle after being in the same position for long period of time, and then suddenly moved and reinstalled elsewhere causing internal breakage which is difficult to troubleshoot.

If you are dismantling the equipment yourself, do ensure that all components are dismantled and kept for reinstallation at the new location. If there are missing components, you'll need to purchase them in order for the system to be functional.

IMPORTANT : All equipment's cabling ending can be unplugged/disconnected from the existing cabling. There should be NO cutting of wire/cable required. Any cutting of cabling could result in rendering the equipment unusable/faulty.

Components to be dismantle and stored for reinstallation.
(Picture for illustration only. Actual equipment may look different for different brand/model)

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)


image image

Do ensure that the following is dismantled and brought along for the new site
  1. DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  2. Power Supply for the DVR
  3. Remote Controller for the DVR (If it's missing, the DVR is still usable by pressing the front panel)
  4. Mouse if used with existing DVR

CCTV Camera


Do ensure that the following is dismantled and brought along for the new site
  1. The CCTV Camera itself. For some models, there might be a base plate or bracket holding the camera. Do ensure that is also dismantled and stored for reuse.
  2. Power Supply for the CCTV Camera. Depending on site, there might be a centralised power supply supplying power to multiple cameras.
Video Balun/Transceiver


For newer HD System, Video Balun/Transceiver may be use. There's 1 Pair use for each camera. One on the camera end, and the other on the DVR end.

Power Extension Plug


Ensure that the Power Extension Plug (if present), is also packed and brought along for the next new site.
Alternatively, you can get your electrician to provide enough power point at the new site for the CCTV System.
The system requires between 3 to 5 power point to connect all power supply to the equipment.

Power Connectors


Power connectors are used for all our site to enable ease of replacement of equipment without the need to cut the cables on the equipment which will void the equipment warranty. Ensure these are brought along as well.

Audio Mic (If present)


Do ensure that the following is dismantled and brought along for the new site
  1. The Audio Mic itself. For some models (hidden mic), they are small and can be inserted into the plaster ceiling board. Do remove them gently to avoid breaking them.
  2. Power Supply for the Audio Mic. Depending on site, they may share the same power supply to the camera installed beside them.

Do ensure that all components are packed and brought to the new site for us to re install them. If they are any missing components, chargeable additional trips would be required for you to locate and bring the components down for us to install.

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