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No Images on the TV Monitor connected to the DVR
Last Updated 3 years ago

If there is no images on the TV Monitor connected to the DVR check on the following.
  1. Check if the power to TV Monitor is connected and turn on. There are a few different areas.
    1. Check if the Power Button on the monitor is on. Different Monitor may have their power button in different location. Some of them may even have it on the back of the monitor. Consult your monitor manual if you require additional help.

    2. Check if the power cable is connected securely. Plug out and in to make sure that it is connected securely.

    3. Some Monitor uses external power supply. Make sure they are securely connected and not accidentally unplugged. The power supply should feel warm to touch also. If it's cold to touch, most likely it's faulty or not connected.

  2. Check that the Video signal Cable are connected. It could be a
    VGA Cable




    RCA Cable


    or HDMI Cable


    Ensure that all cables are securely connected and not loose. Plug out/in to ensure you have a secure connection. If image comes in when you wiggle the cables, it could be a faulty cable or the connection head. You might need to replace the cable/head. If the connector port on the monitor is loose, you might need to replace the monitor as most manufacturer regards damaged connector as physical damage not covered by warranty.
  3. If you are sure that all cables and power are connected, try switching off the DVR and turning it back on again.
    Some DVR have multiple display output ports at the back. When the monitor cables are not connected when dvr are turned on, it may default to other display output port which is not the one you are using.
    Make sure the monitor cables are connected and power to the monitor is turn on, then switch off the DVR and turn it back on again. It'll detect which display output port is in use and output it accordingly.
If all the above steps failed, you may contact our support for onsite troubleshooting services as it could be the monitor or DVR is faulty.
However, if it is a loose cable or something that's not switch on, it will not be covered under warranty and a onsite services charges will be levied.

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