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Status Lights on iPRODVS
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are 3 indication lights on the DVR


Leftmost - Power Light.
Indicate that the Power is turned on
When Off - Indicate system not on.
Possible reasons
1. Power is not on. Check the power point is turn on. There is also a power switch behind the DVR. Make sure it is turn on as well.
2. Adapter/Cable not plugged in securely. Push cable in securely.
3. Power Adapter is faulty. Touch the power adapter. It should feel warm to touch. If it's cold to touch, most likely it's faulty.
4. DVR is faulty.
Center - Status
Occasionally flashing indicate recording is in progress.
When not Flashing occasionally - Indicate the system is not recording.
Possible reasons
1. System is not configured correctly.
2. Harddisk is faulty
3. There is no harddisk connected.
Rightmost - Tx/Rx Light (Network)
When lit indicate that the network connection is up.
When Off - Indicate there is no network connection.
Possible reasons
1. Network Cable is not connected properly. Check that it is connected securely at both end (both DVR and Router/Switch side).
2. Network cable is faulty.
3. Network Switch or Router is faulty.

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