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Why doesn't Teamviewer need Router configuration ?
Last Updated 7 years ago

TeamViewer, LogMeIn and any other program that allows a zero config remote desktop session uses a third-party server.
For example, LogMeIn is a program similar to TeamViewer where you are able to remotely login to a computer outside of the network that you're currently on. You will notice that there are no external configurations required for this type of remote session. This is due to the fact that the software that you installed on the remote machine (the LogMeIn client) initiates an outgoing request to the LogMeIn servers. Since this client initiated the request, no port forwarding on the Firewall is required.
On your computer, outside of the network of the LogMeIn computer, can access this computer remotely through LogMeIn's website. This website accepts the initiated request from the remote computer and keeps the connection alive to listen for a remote session request.
This also means that IF the TeamViewer/Logmein Server is down, or they are no longer in business, the software application would be useless as it will not be able to establish a connection without their respective server.
What about CCTV System that requires special router configuration?
CCTV or any other server, etc, ftp, web, etc, on the other hand, sits behind the router and wait for your client to initiate a connection from the internet.
An unconfigured router’s firewall by default will block all incoming internet traffic to the devices sitting behind the router.
However, this setup means that the system is INDEPENDENT of any manufacturer's or vendor's server. The manufacturer or your vendor might no longer be around, and your system will still continue to work.

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