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Power Supply Replacement
Last Updated 7 years ago

For all newer projects since ard 2012, our normal practice is to provide a connection head for the connection of the power supply.

This is to enable customer to replace the camera power supply with ease by themselves if they are faulty.
Just unplug and plugin the new power supply.

There are various power adapters that we used depends on the cameras involved.
Currently, the most common adapter that we are using is the
12V 2A - Supply power for up to 3 Cameras (Normally we use for 2 Cameras Only)
12V 3A - Supply power for up to 5 Cameras (Normally we use for 4 Cameras Only).

Normally, most camera we used uses between 200mA to 500mA of power.

This "overspecs" is to ensure that the power adapters lifespan is longer.

To replace the power adapter, remove the current faulty adapter. The power provided by the adapter is stated on the adapter. Simply purchase an adapter with SAME VOLTAGE (V), SAME POLARITY (Outer = -, Inner = +) and at least the Same Ampere (A).
You can also bring the faulty adapter to the shop and show it to them to purchase a replacement adapter.
Alternatively, you can also purchase it from us.

Previously, the power supply from the cameras are spliced directly to the power adapter's cable.

To replace the power adapter, customer need to cut and join the correct polarity cables to the cables. This make it hard for customer to do self-replacement of power adapters as wrong connection could damage the cameras.

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