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How to configure/identify your DVR IP/Port/Gateway - VideoViewer - AVTECH
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If your system is reset to factory default by mistake, here's how you can reload the configuration back.

1. Find out the IP your computer is on.
Let's use as an example of the IP your Computer is on.

2. Find out the IP of your internet router.
Normally, it'll show up as Gateway when  you are using the above examples to find out the IP of your Computer.
Let's use as an example of the Gateway your Computer is on.

3. Run the VideoViewer image

4. From the Address Book window on the right, Click on the Search Button imageon the top.

5. You’ll see an IP Being listed. If you do not see an IP listing, click on the refresh button imageto search again for your DVR on the network. If you still do not see the IP, check that the DVR is powered on and connect vie network cable to the same router your
computer is connected to.

6. Click on the Setting Button. to open up the Setting dialog box.image.

7. Server IP refers to your DVR IP. The first 3 Group of Number (192.168.1) has to be exactly the same as your Router’s IP
address. Change if required to do so.
The last group (.10) refers to an available IP within your network. Change to other number if there’s any IP conflict.
Netmask : . DO NOT CHANGE.
Gateway :  Enter your Internet Router IP address.
DNS Server : or use DO NOT CHANGE.
Web Port : 88


8. Enter your User Name and Password and click Apply. Default User name is admin. Default Password is admin.
9. Your DVR is configured for your local network. Add site to your Videoviewer to see, or use your browser and type in
http://<Server IP>:<Web Port> , e.g. to view the login page for your CCTV System.

10. If you have any problem configuration your DVR for network, you can engage us to do the configuration
onsite/remotely for a fee. This is a settings issue and is not covered under warranty.
You may require to configure the Network Settings of your DVR whenever you change Router as not all router utilised
the same default IP. E.g. DLINK Router uses as default, if you change to DLink router, Server IP has to be
change to , Gateway has to be change to
Please contact for more details.

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