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Sync Time with DVR from iVMS software (HIKVISION)
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Do note that for newer system, they have inbuilt time update function to sync time with internet time server. We normally set them to sync time with time server. The time should be correct. For older system (systems installed > 3 years back), they might not support NTP time update function. Over time, there's a possibility that the system time would be inaccurate by mins.
For some of the much older system (system installed > 4 years back) , the internal clock battery might run flat. If the unit is powered off and then powered back on, the date/time would not be accurate. That'll affect the recording.
You might want to get the battery replaced, or look at upgrading the system to a newer system.

If you wish to update the date/time across the internet, here's how to do it (Can be done only on Desktop Software. Cannot be updated through mobile apps/browser).

On iVMS-4200
Click on Tool->Batch Time Sync
Checked the system you wish to sync the time and click on ok.
If the system is online, the iVMS-4200 software will update the date/time of the system.

If you wish to make this an automated process that update all your CCTV Systems date/time on a daily basis, 
go to Tool->System Configuration
Under General->Auto Time Adjustment, select the daily timing you wish the iVMS-4200 software to update all your CCTV's date/time on a daily basis.
1. The program needs to be running for it to auto update all your systems with the computer's date/time.
2. It'll update ALL the systems saved in iVMS-4200 with the computer's date/time. Be careful about using this if you have systems located in different timezone. Especially for older system that you can't set the Time Locale.
3. It'll update the date/time according to your computer's date/time. If your computer's date/time is wrong, it'll update the wrong date/time to your CCTV system.

On Older iVMS-4000
Right Click on the DVR you wish to sync the time right.
Select "Sync all device time with PC".
Note: if you wish to update all device's date/time with the PC, just select the upper branch and right click. e.g. "Monitor area" in this case.

If you wish to make this an automated process that update all your CCTV Systems date/time on a daily basis,
Go to Setup->Local Settings
Checked the "Automatic Synchronize Time" and select the daily timing you wish the program to update all your system with the PC date/timing.
Same warning as iVMS-4200 applies.


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