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HIKVISION - Live Snapshots and Video Recording (iVMS-4500)
Last Updated 5 years ago

You can take snapshot/video recording of what you see on the mobile app.

When you are viewing the live feed/recordin, click on the Camera icon (Picture) or the VideoCam (Start/Stop Video Recording to your Device).

It'll save a copy of the image/video to your devices.

To view/export it, Click on the menu Bar on the left top hand corner and select "Picture & Video"

You'll find a copy of the Picture/Video here.

To view, click on the Picture or Video to view/play.

You can also choose to Export or Delete the Picture/Video.

In case of iPhone, exporting Picture to Photos or Emailing out through the default iPhone Email App is supported.
For Video, exporting vie Email is supported.


Do take note that for all email clients/server, there's a limit on filesize that could be send.
Video Recording are huge in filesize if you are looking beyond a few seconds of recording.

If you only backup onto your mobile devices, there's a possibility that the backup video is "stuck" in your mobile devices without any way of exporting/sending to others.

We strongly recommend that user use PC/Computer iVMS-4200 or Webbrowser to download video recordings as backup.

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