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General Usage of UTP Balun and Network Cable for Connection
Last Updated 6 years ago

This is how normally a UTP Video Balun is used.

Connect the same pair of wire  into the UTP Balun.
e.g. Blue and Blue/White. Do not mix the cable or connect more than 1 pair of wire into the UTP Balun.
Each pair of wire are designed to reduce interference on it's own. Mixing them will cause interference.

We normally use a DC Power Connector to avoid having to cut the Power Supply's connector.
This enable customer to replace the power adapter easily by using unplugging the old/faulty one and plugging in the new one.
Otherwise if splicing of the wire is needed, there's a possibility that the untrained personal might connect the wrong polarity to the cable and damaged the equipment.

This is how the connection looks like from the camera side.

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