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Update Date Time on AVTECH System
Last Updated 5 years ago

Go to the configuration setting.
On Browser, click on Configuration Icon

On Video Viewer, Click on Miscellaneous Control->Remote Config->Configure


Update Date/Time Automatically Daily with Time Server
1. Select SNTP
2. Configure your Time Zone. For Singapore, GMT +08:00
3. Ensure that NTP Server is configured to
4. Ensure that Syn Period is set to Daily
5. Click on Sync to immediately sync with time server.
6. Click on Save to enable the DVR to sync daily with the time server to keep the date/time accurate.

Update Date/Time Manually

1. Select DVR->Time
2. Under Time Configuration, ensure that the correct Date and Time is entered.
3. Click on Save.
Note: Ignore Daylight Saving Time Configuration. It doesn't apply to singapore time.

Changing/Updating the time may cause corruption to the recording index, causing certain past recording not to be searchable/playable.

This is especially true if you are revising the date/time to an earlier date/time which will cause a duplication to the index to the recording.

Do ensure you have backup all necessary recording required before changing the date/time.

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