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Home Plug Connection
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you are using Homeplug to connect your system to your internet router, do ensure that the homeplug on both side had established a connection.

All Lights should be on to indicate a network connection.
If any of the light are not on, check that the cables are securely connected on both end, switch off both homeplug, wait for 1 min and turn them back on again.

If you still can't get a connection, remove one of the plug and place it beside the other one and turn it on.
The top 2 light should be on to indicate a network connection through your home electrical cabling.
If you can't get the indication light, most likely one/both the homeplug is faulty. 
Contact the manufacturer for support.

If you are able to get both indication light when the homeplug is place beside each other but not with they are installed at the actual location, remove all extension plug and connect it directly to the wall plug. If you are still unable to get a connection, most likely there are interference in your home electrical cabling. Try unplugging devices that cause interference, e.g. fan and try again.

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