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Replacing Harddisk (Clear)
Last Updated 5 years ago

1. Switch off the DVR and unplug the power supply.
2. Unscrew the top casing and remove it.
3. Unscrew the Harddisk from the casing.
4. Unplug the SATA and Power Cable from the Harddisk.
5. Plug the SATA and Power Cable to the new harddisk. Ensure it is securely connected in.
6. Put the harddisk back and screw it into place.
7. Replace the top cover and secure all screws that you had previously removed.
8. Plug in back the Power Supply Cable and turn on the power supply.
9. Follow the below step to clear (format) the new hdd. 

If you have a monitor connected to the DVR, follow the onscreen instruction to clear (format) the new harddisk.
a. Wait for the Initial Screen to load.

b. When the system detected a new harddisk is installed, it'll prompt you to "CLEAR HDD"
c. Press the Left Arrow to move the selection to "YES"
d. Press Enter to start the Clearing (Formating) Process

e. Wait for the Harddisk to finish Clearing, the system will do some verifying and scanning, and it'll be automatically ready to record based on your settings.

IF you don't have a monitor connected to it, here's what you do.
a. After replacing the harddisk and turning on the power supply, wait for 5 mins (to allow the system to boot up into the Clear HDD prompt).
b. Press LEFT
c. Press ENTER.
d. Wait for 15 mins or even longer (Depending on the size of the new HDD, it might take a while to clear (format) and verify.
e. Use your Eagleeyes App or Videoviewer Software to login to view. Check on the recording to see if it has any recent recording. If it doesn't, check if the system date is correct, otherwise it'll record to the wrong date. If there's recording, the new hdd is installed properly.
f. If you have problem, you might want to connect the system to a monitor and check the onscreen message if any.

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