Warranty Type

Carry in Warranty


  • All Equipment comes with 1 year Warranty
  • If the equipment malfunctioned within 1 year, arrange to bring it back to us and we’ll get it repair.
  • No charges for repair work if they are due to manufacturer defect.

Onsite Warranty


  • For systems purchased with Onsite Warranty, we’ll arrange to go down to your site to repair your system during the warranty period.
  • If the fault requires repair to the hardware, we’ll either do a 1 to 1 replacement of the hardware or
  • Arrange to have a T-Loan unit to be installed if the repair is estimated to take too long.
  • No charges for the onsite services if cause by manufacturer defeat.
  • Unplugged/Loose Cable, Accidentally switching off of power supply, configuration changes are NOT covered by Warranty.