Annual Remote Assistance to Download of CCTV Footage


Annual Remote Services to download the CCTV Footage

  • Applicable for New Installation/Replacement of DVR w/Configuration
    (1 Year Period Commence immediately upon installation/replacement)
  • For stand alone order after system had been installed/replaced, a administrative wait out period of 1 month from order & payment date applies.
    (1 Year Period Commence after the wait out period. i.e. Ordered and Pay 1st Jan 2018, Annual Coverage Commence from 1st Feb 2018 till 31st Jan 2019)
  • If you required immediate configuration, please order the adhoc Remote Assistance to Download of CCTV Footage Services
  • Customer CCTV System MUST be accessible online through internet when download services is requested.
  • Footage will be download according to customer’s instructed period and camera.
  • Up to 3 Cameras, Total 3 Hours of Footage to be downloaded per incidents.
  • Up to 3 x Non Police request per year. Unlimited for Police cases.
  • Strictly no searching or identifying of items/person to locate period to download.
    You provide the Camera Number, Start Date/Time and End Date/Time of Footage, we’ll download according to your instruction.
  • Depending on Connection Speed to DVR, download video to be available to customer in around 3 days upon request.
  • Download Footage to be send to customer vie a download link and a youtube unlisted link for online viewing.