Onsite Assistance to Download of CCTV Footage


Onsite Services to download/search for the CCTV Footage

  • Customer to provide PC for Footage Download, or if system is connected to Monitor, compatible Thumbdrive/HDD for download of footage.
  • Some CCTV system will require proprietary software to playback the backup. If you are downloading for Police, they may require conversion of the video to general format such as MP4, AVI.
  • Footage will be download according to customer’s instructed period and camera.
  • If customer require onsite assistance to search through the recording to identify period of recording, per hour charges charges will be levied beyond the 1st hour.
  • 1st Hour Only. Subsequent Hour or Part that technician remains onsite thereafter @ $80/Hour.
  • As searching and download of CCTV Footage is a time consuming services, whenever possible, you may wish to refer to our Knowledgebase (https://www.lakson.com.sg/ticket/kb/) to attempt to download the footage yourself. There are guides to show you how.
  • You may also wish to use our Remote Download Services (https://www.lakson.com.sg/product/remote-download-assistance/) if you encounter issues instead of onsite services. It’s a more cost and time effective way to download.