AVTECH DVR Temporary Fix


If your AVECH CCTV Equipment had been infected by ELF_IMEIJ.A Maleware or Hacked, this onsite services will assist to temporary regain access to your system.

  • Reset System back to Factory Default
  • Check and Restore Configuration in the Equipment
  • Remove CCTV System from internet viewing.
  • Configuring the CCTV System for internet viewing will just get it infected again as there is no new firmware and the existing firmware is still vulnerable to infection.
  • HDD may required reformatting during firmware upgrade process. All previous recording may be cleared.

IMPORTANT : Any Firmware upgrade/hardware reset by shorting the motherboard may fail and result in the equipment unable to operate. Lakson will not be responsible if services result in equipment failure. Do not upgrade the firmware/reset the system if you are unable to accept possible firmware upgrade/reset failure.

In the event that firmware upgrade is not possible/failed for your system, a $100 transport fee will be charged instead of the reset services. These may be due to various reason, such as the equipment is already faulty and issues related to the equipment is not firmware/malware related.

Refer to the following post if you wish to fix it yourself.

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