Onsite Services to Replace and Configure DVR for Remote Monitoring


Onsite services to replace and configure DVR at customer location for remote monitoring over internet.


  • Services Only. Equipment to be purchased separately.
    (You may wish to select IOC, ICS, ICW bundle for DVR packages  with installation/replacement)
  • Schedule min 3 Working Days in Advance
  • Office Hours Only
  • Replacement of 1 x Existing DVR to New DVR.
    • Transfer of Existing Cameras Connection to New DVR
    • Connection of DVR to existing Monitor (if any)
    • Connection of DVR to existing Network Cable for internet viewing
  • One Time Configuration of CCTV System and Internet Router for remote viewing
    • One Time Configuration of DVR for remote viewing
    • One Time Configuration of Internet Router for remote viewing
    • Customer to have Password to Internet Router/CCTV System on Hand.
  • Does not include any troubelshooting of existing Cameras/Cabling.
    (Technician Deployed onsite might not have necessary troubleshooting equipment. Please highlight beforehand if your cameras are not functioning properly with your existing DVR)
  • If services takes more than 1 hour due to no fault of Lakson, subsequent hour @ $100/hour.
    e.g. Stoppage of services requested by customer due to customers flow, locked room, no password to internet router/cctv system, customer requested for user training is not around, etc.


  • FAQ/Knowledgebase Support
  • Online Ticketing/Return Phone Support after replacement
    (1 Month or period covered by your purchased equipment, whichever is longer)
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