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Optimised Recording Period (AVTECH)
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You can adjust the recording settings within the DVR to lengthen the recording period or to tweak the recording settings.
As a rule of thumb with the same storage size, the higher the quality, resolution and speed of recording, the shorter the period of recording.
This is what we normally set.
Manual Recording.
Resolution - CIF (Lowest)
Speed IPS - 1.56 (Lowest)
Quality - Normal (Lowest)

Event Recording
Resolution - 960H(Highest) - If you do not have 960H Cameras installed, you can select Field / Frame as well.
Speed IPS - 12.5 (Almost Highest) - 12.5 will give you a smooth playback while reducing the space consumed.
Quality - Super Best(Highest)


This will allow you to constantly record video footage at the lowest settings, and whenever a motion is detected by the system, the system will automatically switch to record at high quality, speed and resolution. This combination of recording will allow you to maximised the period of recording while retaining high quality of recorded footage.
You may also wish to disable manual recording so that the system only records whenever there is a movement. Do take note that as the system detect motion vie Video Analytic, some small movement might not trigger the recording depending on settings.
Also, if there's any view of object that's constantly moving, e.g. Curtain flapping, Fan Turning, etc, it will also constantly triggered event recording, causing the recorder to constantly recording at high quality/speed/resolution setting even when there is no actual activities in the coverage area.
You may wish to mask out the area with constant movements in the Detection Settings of the DVR so that those unrelated movement will not constantly trigger the event recording.


You can refer to the manual on how to do all the settings.

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