End of Promotion For AVTECH Replacement Program

Since the detection of widespread malware affecting customers using AVTECH equipement in mid March 2017, we had immediately send out alerts to all our customers on our mailing list on 20 March 2017  to inform them of the danger the malware posed to their systems and steps to be taken.


At the same time to aid customers who are affected, we had also given Free Services for Replacement and Setup of Internet Viewing worth $250 for customers who purchased replacement DVR (EQCS-Bundles only) from 20 March 2017 till 7 April 2017.

The promotion had ended on 7th April 2017 with great success and we had help lots of customers who are still actively using AVTECH CCTV for their security and surveillance need.

For customers who wish to replace their system after the promotion, you can order replacement packages from here http://www.lakson.com.sg/installation-ioc/

These packages are only available online. They are not available through other sales channel.

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Just to take note

  1. There is no fix/repair option for infected DVR.
  2. Any fix/repair is only temporary as the Manufacuterer (AVTECH) no longer have any updated firmware that fix this problem.
  3. As long as the system is connected to the Internet, it will get infected sooner or later.
  4. Hackers have control over your system, and is able to through your system access your network.
  5. The only option is to replace it.