Possible AVTECH Hacking

We recently received an escalating number of reports from customers who are still using AVTECH equipment installed prior to mid 2015 that they are being locked out of their CCTV System.

The system is online, however their existing username and password doesn’t work anymore.

Pending mode detail investigation, we believe that it’s due to the vulnerable firmware that was discovered in 2017.

As mentioned in our previous advisory that AVTECH is no longer providing updated firmwares for those DVR. We had also highly recommend customers to replace their compromised DVR with alternative models since 2017.

Lakson also stop using AVTECH equipment since mid 2015 and had also progressively replaced all our CCTV subscribers equipment with NON AVTECH equipment since.

As of 2017 March when the malware was discovered, we no longer have any customers on warranty/subscribers that’s still using AVTECH.

In order to support our existing customers who are still using AVTECH which they had installed prior to mid 2015, we’ll roll out another limited AVTECH DVR replacement package with the support from another Manufacturer (Same Manufacturer providing equipment to Singapore Police, SMRT, etc).

Click on the link to place an order for the replacement DVR (Limited Time Offer).

DVR Replacement (Existing AVTECH Customers)