ProActive Warranty Launch Soon

First in the CCTV security industry, we will be launching our ProActive Warranty very soon.

All business customers under current warranty will be automatically upgraded to our ProActive Warranty in phases once it’s launch. All new installation with onsite warranty will automatically be included in our ProActive Warranty services.

What is ProActive Warranty ?
For most equipment warranty, customer need to monitor their own equipment and contact their vendors when the equipment breakdown.

Lakson had developed a monitoring system that enables automated regular daily checks of your systems. It’ll highlight systems that shows abnormal operating status and enable the customers or vendor to take remedial action to rectify that.


This enable Lakson to offer ProActive Warranty to customers instead of the outdated ReActive Warranty.

Never again, you have to endure missing footage due to faulty system that goes unnoticed for months. If your CCTV System is important to you, this is one feature you cannot do without.


Data Analytic Features
Using your existing equipment, we are able to also able integrate analytic features such as

  • People Counting
  • Motion Activity Trends
  • Queue Monitoring Trend
  • Recording Period
  • System connectivity over time

Compatibility ?

Our CMS System is developed with an open interface. This means that even if your system is NOT supplied or installed by Lakson, you can also add them in if the equipment are supported. We are constantly adding new features and supported equipment to the list.

Due to the numerous brands/models in the market, we also have to focus effort in certain brand/models of equipment to offer the greatest compatibility and functionalities to our customer. As such, we have subsidied equipment available in our online store to customers who wish to get their system on board our ProActive monitoring platform.

DVR Only

HDD Not Included

DVR + Camera Only Bundle

HDD & Camera Power Adapter Not Included

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High Definition DVR + Camera Only Bundle

HDD & Camera Power Adapter Not Included

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