Case Study #231011

Customer : Subway Outlet
Reference No : #231011

Sympton : CCTV DVR Offline for > 3 Days
Problem : Internet Router reset to factory default
Resolution : Reconfigure Internet Router

Benefits : Customer does not check on the CCTV system on a daily basis. The CMS pick up the problem before customer realise there is problem with the internet router, allowing us to resolve the issues within a short period of time.

Case Details

On 10 June, from our CMS system, we had detected that the CCTV System had been offline for > 3 days since 8 June 2016.


Customer was alert about the issues, but did not replied.

On 11 June, we had went down to check on the internet router and found that the internet router configuration had been reset back to factory default.


Reconfiguration is done on the internet router to allow customer to view online again.


The system is back online. At a glance, we are also able to determined that there’s around 26 days of recording in the system, within our safety parameters of 21 days.


However, on the 13th of June, the CMS detect that the Subway’s CCTV is offline again and it’s highlighted again.


Customer is able to do a configuration on the router based on the previous information sent to him, and got the system back up and running again.

System had been detected to be functioning well.


Customer is looking into why the router’s configuration was reset on multiple occasion.