Case Study #888448

Customer : Bibimbap Outlet
Reference No : #888448

Sympton : CCTV DVR Offline for > 3 Days. Customer didn’t opt for active monitoring, so monitoring is only done passively.
Problem : Internet Router reset to factory default by Singtel.
Resolution : Reconfigure Internet Router
Others : When the CCTV system comes back online, the CMS also detected that the DVR was powered off for a period of 3 days in between with no recording. Customer have no idea that the DVR was powered off. Customer will look into that to prevent accidental/tampering of DVR.

Benefits : Without the CMS to analyse the CCTV System, the DVR being switched off in between will not be highlighted and brought to attention. Otherwise, this procedure lapse or tampering with the CCTV system will not be noticed and future reoccurance might result in important cctv footage not recorded due to tampering with the system.

Case Details

On 8th June, Customer highlighted that he is unable to login to his CCTV System.


From the log chart, we are able to see that the system had been offline since 4th June. However, we can still see that there are IP updates from the DVR on the 5th June.

This usually signified that the required internet router’s port forwarding setting had been removed.

Upon checking, customer confirmed that Singtel had came and did a reset/replacement of the internet router, which was the root of the problem.

Without this history log chart, it’ll be harder to identify the root of the issues.

We arranged for a reconfiguration of the internet router and got the system back up online.

When the system came back online, the CMS highlighted that there is problem with the recording of the system.


Upon taking a closer look, it’s discovered that there are missing recordings for a period of 4 days. This problems would had gone unnoticed if not for the CMS.

The missing recording incident had been feedback to customer and customer will take note of operation procedure to avoid the CCTV system from being switched off accidentally /purposely in the future.