HiDDNS Not Working (RESOLVED) – 22 Feb

HiDDNS/Hikvision DDNS/www.hik-online.com Problem

Currently at 22 Feb 2017 3.20pm ,

The system is currently back online.

We’ll continue to monitor it.

Currently at 22 Feb 2017 3.20pm ,

Free DDNS Services provided by Hikvision is not working.

If you have problem connecting remotely to your CCTV system, here are some temporary workaround.

Use Direct IP Connection

  • Get someone where the system is installed to visit http://checkip.dyndns.com.
  • Take note of the IP displayed.
  • Change your Settings on your application to use the direct IP instead.

Here’s how to do it on your mobile app (iVMS-4500)

The CCTV system is still working and recording.
For customers on Dynamic IP plan from your ISP (Starhub/Singnet/M1), you are using the HiDDNS from HIKVISION to keep track of your current ip address.
As the HiDDNS Server is not working, you are unable to connect to your current IP from internet and therefore cannot connect to your CCTV System.

If you would like to reduce reliance on free manufacturer’s DDNS, you can consider the following

  1. Switch your internet plan to a Static IP Plan. Your IP will not change, and you can always use the IP to connect.
  2. Subscribe to alternative DDNS Services such as Dyndns.com or NoIP.com. These paid services have a higher SLA than free services provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer had already been notified. We’ll keep you updated.