HIKVISION Firmware Alert (V3.1.7 build 150515)

FIRMWARE : V3.1.7 build 150515
ENCODING : V5.0 build 150430
HARDWARE : 0x3ee00

We had noticed a number of system running V3.1.7 build 150515 that have some stability issues.

If you experience stability issues with your HIKVISION DVR of this model/firmware, upgrading the firmware to the latest version should resolve the issues.

It’ll also enable 4TB Harddisk support for the DVR.

Download the firmware here.

Refer to your manual on the firmware upgrading process.

Do note that as with all firmware upgrade, there’s a possibility of data/configuration loss. Do backup all required data/configuration before attempting any firmware upgrade.

Do ensure that the power supply and network connection is stable before attempting firmware upgrade. Interrupting the firmware upgrade midway might result in a upgrade failure that may render your DVR unusable and required to be send back to factory for reloading of firmware. This may or may not be covered under the warranty.